Ways to get paid $

Now that we are at the end of the Cryptocurrency frenzy let’s get back to more serious matters. I have created some called “The Legacy Investing Theorem” this theory is sure to turn a regular joe into a big baller. The theorem starts with the “Grandfather hustle” I call it this because this is how you get money the old fashioned way; a job. People often times knock this hustle because “it’s too slow” “I don’t get paid enough” “my back hurts” excuses. Where there is will they will be a way! Down the latter we have the “Father Hustle” this hustle is supported by the grandfather. This hustle is always an active business i.e catering company, cutting hair, being a driver, monetized YouTube channel, monetized blog, e-commerce website, freelancing by utilizing skills, Stock trading, Forex trading etc… these are called active businesses something that requires energy and time but depending on what you do all your earnings are untaxed or perhaps half of the expenses could be reimbursed to you. The 3rd is the “Grandson hustle” this is something should be a passive business; owning an asset that accumulates money on its own with you doing minimal to no effort, examples include a crypto mining farm, a website that accrues its own traffic and sales, owning an app that a few thousand people use regularly, people clicking AdF.ly links, adsense ads from website, franchising a successful chain. Follow this guide and you’ll likely become a millionaire, no journey is the same but the destination is always common. Break your families curse of poverty and live your best. Don’t be afraid or hard work! #LoveLife

FDA Shutdown

The time has come for us to buy our indoor growing lights, pots, soil, and seeds. The end of the U.S is coming and we have to prepare. Attack the rich, kill the poor is the way people will live. It’s horrible I have children during these ruff times. I pray for everyone. AVOID BEEF, FISH, RAW VEGETABLES, CANNED FRUIT, RAW FISH. May God help us all.

What’s So Hard About Being a Salesman

Well, it’s in the name, ‘Salesman’. I hear a plethora of regular working people saying “why be a salesperson when you can work?” “Salesmen make inconsistent amounts of money” “If you don’t have a product people like they won’t buy”. Bullshit! Every owner of every company every where are salesmen. McDonald’s SELLS burgers and other nasty food, Home Depot SELLS a bunch of home goods, tools, and a wide variety of other useful and useless things. Amazon SELLS peoples stuff for them! Amazon is the biggest drop shipping website ever. Don’t be discouraged if you’re a salesperson. If you remain consistent you’re bound to get sales with what ever you do. Learn how to market and you could probably sell planet earth. Stay knowledgeable.

New Years Resolutions suck!

With looking at the title you can underdig what I’m about to say. It is scientifically proven that it takes 21 days to build or break a habit. With that being said be wise with what you do. Just like everything in life everything has a good and bad side. If you drink too much water you could become intoxicated, yet you’re always told to drink a lot of water. Dumbest shit I ever heard. How much is a lot? Yeah they don’t know. As I hope all you would want good habits, you start a good habit with repeating it in small increments, then of course gradually increase increments until you reach satisfaction or just repeat for the rest of your life

How people make money from BS

I’ll focus on one particular thing. Youtube. People sit up and make ridiculous YouTube channels only the receive $10,000 per 100,000 views. It’s crazy that people get that amount of money for literally going viral. However, google Adsense takes about 32% of all revenue so you won’t be earning a complete $10,000 however $6,800 for staying at home for nothing is pretty amazing if my opinion.

Origins of Christmas

Starting with St. Nicholas of whom Santa Claus is not based off of instead Santa Claus was a kidnapper who would use kids as sacrifices to the great tree. The great tree a.k.a a pine tree in which we use as Christmas tree was a symbol of life to the Anglo people. Gift offering and receiving was originally practiced as giving the tree a sacrifice in exchange for a gift or to be forgiven. The star on top of the tree is a symbol of divinity. It makes one ponder on religion. In my opinion, religion is a primal translation of the creations of God. Let me stop here because this change in subject is for another blog.